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6 Months Left of 2019

6 Months Left of 2019

It is July 1 and at first I was thinking oh my gosh the year is flying by so fast . But then the entrepreneurial side of my brain thought, ” Girl, you have 6 months left to achieve these goals!!!” It is amazing how you brain starts to work when you decide to be more intentional how your thought process changes. I am excited to say I have made huge leaps and bounds in my thought process as well as my business.

My brain never shuts off it is constantly running, creating new ideas, thinking of new ways to generate income and about the future. Thinking about it and planning are wonderful but it is easy to forget to actually live or make that very first step. I am a planner, if you ask anyone that knows me personally they will tell you about my planners and my lists. Through being a life coach, I have gained enough self awareness that I plan a lot but I do not make the first step and end up talking myself out of things or seeking permission from others. Once I said these things out loud, I realized how absolutely ridiculous I was thinking. Why do I need permission from anyone? Why am I talking myself out of things? Once I got out of my head and stopped asking permission, I started achieving goals and actively working towards achieving other goals.

One of my biggest goals has been to lose weight. In December 2018, I was the heaviest I have ever been. I was unhappy, stressed and living life in limbo. I made the conscious effort to stop drinking sugar and i started noticing a difference in my clothes. I also realized that the physicality of my job was no longer a stress on my body, I enjoyed it and I know think of my job as exercise as well. I am back to the weight I was in high school and I love it. I can wear clothes that make me look good but feel amazing, I have an extra pep in my step and I am intentionally taking time to get ready in the mornings. One small changes has created this domino effect in such a positive way. Now that I have accomplished this goal, I am even more motivated to achieve my other goals.

My coaching business is something that I have been planning for about 2 years and have set so many launch dates. One day it finally hit me that I am not making any money from my coaching business because I am not introducing myself as a coach. I am not marketing myself as a coach with a coaching program. How crazy is that? How could I expect to make money from a business no one knows anything about? So I did the hard work. I sat down, made a list of what i actually need to launch my business and get my first client. I am slowly getting there and I could not be more proud of myself. I am making the necessary steps and celebrating my wins.


How are you using the rest of 2019 top achieve your goals and kick ass???

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