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April 2019 Life & Business Update

April 2019 Life & Business Update

Hello Readers,

I know it has been a while since my last blog post but I am here to update you on what has been going on.


I am still in the process of finding my own apartment, my own peace of mind. I am currently crashing with a friend and I could not be happier that she was able to help me when I was in a such a jam. I actually found a place and secured it with a small deposit, but with how the rental market is, they wanted more money upfront before the lease was signed and with only 5 days left until moving day. I also found another place however they were not making any final decisions until the day before the end of the month, which leaves the people who were not chosen one day to find other accommodations. I am looking to move for May 1 but with how the market it people are requesting the most ridiculous things and have the craziest rules such as;

  • no overnight guests
  • no overnight parking
  • no cooking
  • no stove
  • shared bedrooms
  • no meat
  • no drinking/ no smoking on or in the property
  • first/ last and all types of deposits (deposits are illegal)
  • no pets because “her house her rules”

I have also started a new job working at Value Village. I love my new job, I get to sort through books and media and organize books all day. Anyone who knows me knows I love reading and I love books. I am surrounded by books all day, i get to give reading suggestions to customers and I get to learned about new authors and different book genres. This is already turning out to be one of the best jobs I have had. What is even more amazing is that speaking with all my coworkers, they not only love their jobs, they love the company as well as their coworkers and management. I am excited to be working here and look forward to all the opportunities available. This job has given me the hours to work on my side businesses and has alleviated stress to where my creativity is flowing again and my passion for my businesses is back.

Since being stressed with my past job, moving as well as my past relationship drama popping back up, I have not been consistent with my self care and I am noticing the difference. It has been weeks since I have rearranged my crystals, used my essential oils or really just took the time out to take care of my self, do my Sunday Self Care routine either. I have decided to block out at least an hour a day next week to take some time to love myself, take care of myself and relax.


Some amazing things has been happening in business for me. After feeling disconnected and unfulfilled in February and into March, I decided to put not only by bakery business but my blogging and the launch of my coaching business and female empowerment brand on hold. I was not feeling connected to my vision, my creativity was off and I was not enjoying nor looking forward to working on any of my businesses. I took some time to reevaluate my goals and dreams as well as come back to the original reasons I wanted to create my businesses and be an entrepreneur.

Some amazing things have come out of taking some time off to regroup and rethink. I have decided to relaunch my online based bakery business, Champagne Desserts. I was always passionate about baking and champagne and this was one of the business that allows me to do what I am passionate about, what I enjoy doing and makes people feel luxurious, fabulous and provides amazing treats for any event. I have also decided to launch The Cupcakery Company, which provides amazing, delicious treats for everyone of any age. I also hired, Thiana Richards of TRPR & Events, a public relations rep for my bakery businesses and I could not be more excited. I have known Thiana my whole life and I have watched her blossom into this kick ass business woman doing amazing things for not only her business but also helping plenty of other entrepreneurs. I look forward to working with her and seeing what amazing things we can do for my bakery businesses.

I  was also gifted the opportunity to work with an amazing business coach, Dana Fong-Aiu. She is amazing and has been willing to work with me for the next 4 weeks to help me get my coaching business and female empowerment brand launched. I have been working on this for a while but I have decided to take the necessary steps to launch and get myself out there. I have only had one session but already I feel motivated, inspired and ready to put myself out there. What I have noticed is that I was trying to have everything be perfect before launching and having everything done, but this thinking has caused me not to launch, push back event dates and not generate the income I want nor spread the message I want to spread. I am so excited for this journey and the next 3 weeks of work are going to be amazing.

I will be relaunching my Facebook group, The Fab & Indie Collective next month. We have so any amazing things in the works so subscribe to our blog for all our announcements, events, promotions and special offers.

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