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Be Fabulously Independent

Be Fabulously Independent

What does Fabulously Independent mean? It is the name of my business but it means so much more to me than that. One value that has been ingrained in me since childhood is INDEPENDENCE! A woman must always strive for independence, must always be able to take care of herself, support herself and not need anyone to help her survive. A woman must not depend on anyone and definitely not a man for the things she wants or needs in her life. I know of many independent women in my life but it is better come up with you own definition of independence and have a clear vision of what that looks like for you.

Independence can mean different things to different people. To me independence means;

  • being able to do things for yourself such as budgeting, grocery shopping and cooking
  • being responsible and intentional
  • making sacrifices to achieve goals and focus on the bigger picture
  • creating a lifestyle that is authentic to who you are and what you desire
  • being able to take care of yourself without relying on others
  • financial independence (not living pay check to pay check)
  • having self awareness and practicing self care & self love

What has become more important than just being independent is doing it with intention and being fabulous while gaining and earning that independence. My journey is different from yours and yours will be different from others. One thing that has always helped me whether is was in a great place financially or in the worst spot in personal life was doing things that make me feel and look fabulous. Whether you are feeling and looking fabulous should not be dependent on your finances, relationship status, free time or the people in your life. Its about self care & self love and making it work for the place you are in your life. Whether you are working a minimum wage job or have a high paying job should not make a difference in whether you are making time for self care.

I do understand that finances, relationship status, free time and the people in your life are factors that affect how you practice self care and self love, but with imagination, research, DIYs and careful budgeting, you can live fabulously independent. I am currently not at the stage of independence I want to be but I am constantly working towards it and being fabulous in the process.

I am able to budget really well, however I do not always follow the budget or stay within my budget, but its more about having self control which I am working on. Knowing how to budget is one thing, practicing budgeting is another thing. One of the hardest parts about following a budget is when the money going out is all or almost all of your money coming in. It is a struggle living check to check but this will force you to be creative, resourceful or just do without. It may push your to start a side hustle, get a second job or even ask for a raise.

Being responsible and intentional is something again that I am working on, how am doing this in a fabulous manner? I currently cannot afford to go out to nice restaurants, go on vacations or even travel to see my friends that live in another city, but I am sure my nights home are relaxing, fulfilling and I pamper myself. Being responsible mean paying my bills and if I have no money after so be it. One saying I go by is ” As long as my bills are paid, my fridge is full & I have a bus pass, I am not broke.” Being responsible is not always fun but it is very fulfilling and you do have a sense of accomplishment.

I am constantly making sacrifices for my goals and and the bigger picture, I would love to be getting my hair an nails done regularly but I have a of debt, I have bills that need to be paid and the money would be better used for something when it comes to my business. In the beginning I felt resentful, now I do my nails on my own, I do my own hair and a able to switch it up, I make my own DIY body products to relax and it saves me money.  I have been able to put money towards my businesses as well as learned new skills in DY aromatherapy. I do not go out to parties or clubbing but again I know there is a bigger picture and once I have reached my goals I will have plenty of time and opportunity to do the things I want to do, go to the places I want to and live my life authentically.

Financially, I am barely making it but I know that money is available and flows easy to me. I have changed jobs within the last couple of months due to reduced hours, not making enough money as well as not having the time to work on my other businesses. My current job is to process & media books that come to the store and put them out onto the sales floor. This is a job I actually love doing, however I previously had a home based bakery however the passion for that doesn’t seem to be there. I am looking for coaching clients for Fabulously Independent and looking to grow my businesses and generate income doing something I am passionate about, inspire & motivate other women and kick ass.

I am slowly gaining the independence I strive to have and what that independence looks like keeps changing. I am nearing the end of my twenties and I know that my thirties is going to look different. I will have different goals, I will be in a better financial position and will have different people in my life. It is okay for your vision and definition of independence to change, just make sure you have a vision and definition that was created for you by you.

Take the first step and define independence!!!

Fabulously Independent is all about helping women feeling unfulfilled, find their passion driven business idea by stepping into their confidence & removing excuses.

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