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Beverages While Being Healthy

Beverages While Being Healthy

This month I will be officially starting my new fitness journey and I look forward to sharing the ups, downs and benefits along the way.  One of the hardest parts about following a healthier lifestyle for me is cutting out juice and pop. I was not always a fan of water but that was mostly due to lack of flavor. After searching and trying different beverages, I have come up with some great and healthy alternatives.

Detox Water

     I have seen slices of lemon in water for years but lemons were not my favourite and a girl needs options in her life. I have found multiple different flavour combinations that I have grown to love, some include;

– Strawberry and Kiwi and Chia seeds
– Cucumber and Lemon and Mint
– Cucumber and Blueberries
– Orange, Grapefruit and Apples
– Lemon, Lime and Mint
– Cherries, Blueberries and Strawberries

     Detox water is very easy to make and takes very little time. Just prepare the night before and the next day you have flavourful water without the added sugar or sweeteners.

Iced Tea/ Coffee

     Another great alternative to pop or juice is iced tea/coffee. Over the years my love of tea and coffee has grown due to many different tea shops and coffee shops friends have opened my eyes to. There are many benefits of drinking tea and coffee and there are hundreds of combinations and flavour choices.

I actually buy my loose leaf tea and coffee from Bulk Barn and I love that I can try all different types without buying a large amount and being stuck with it if I do not like it. Another place I buy different, really good quality tea and coffee from is Winners/ Home Sense/ Marshalls. I actually bought a coconut and vanilla tea the other day I was pleasantly surprised just how good it was, it has the perfect blending of flavors that one does not overpower the other.
I love a fresh hot cup of coffee/ tea but there are times I do prefer in the iced variety and it is convenient to keep a jug of iced tea or coffee in the fridge and it’s a great option for entertaining. In regards to sweetening my tea and coffee I used to use a lot of Splenda but over the years I have realized I can drink my coffee and tea black once I was drinking better quality products. The quality of the products changes the fact I do not really need cream but sometimes when I want to change things I up I actually use flavored syrups.


     Growing up, my mom made up milkshakes a lot and they are nothing short of delicious but now as I am an adult I cannot be drinking milkshakes every day or almost every day but I have a healthier option, smoothies.
I love smoothies because you can out whatever you want in it and customize it to your own taste. When making smoothies I follow this basic smoothie equation;

Foundation (ex. almond milk, coconut water, soy milk)
Greens (ex. kale, spinach, swiss chard)
Fruit (strawberries, bananas, mangoes)
Power Foods (protein powder, flax seed, chia seeds)
Sweetener (agave nectar, honey)

Smoothies are great to drink all times of the day any day. Just choose the flavors you want and go crazy.

Let me know what your favorite healthy beverage choices are

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