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December 2018 Goals

December 2018 Goals

As the end of the year is approaching, I  have decided to re-evaluate my 2018 goals  and see what goals I did not achieve as well as if i have enough time to complete them by the end of December. I complete most of my goals such a enrolling in driving school, launching my online bakery business, becoming a certified life and wellness coach and getting a pet.

I complete driving school in February. This was a huge accomplishment for me as I have had a fear of driving for a long time. However, the older I get I begin to understand how much freedom and opportunities are available when I have a license and access to a  car.


I relaunched my bakery business in April as Champagne Desserts. This was a long but  very fulfilling journey as I wanted to not only be unique but authentic as well. Champagne Desserts is all about champagne tasty treats, having fun and feeling fabulous.

Once I made the decision that I wanted to become a certified Life and Wellness Coach, i jumped in with both feet. I was lucky enough to have Cara Alwill Leyba from The Champagne Diet   was able to direct me towards the World Coach Institute. I took tele-classes while working 60 hour weeks and working on my bakery business. I decided that getting these certifications were important and nothing was going to stop me.

The goal that is closest to my heart was getting a pet. For many years, I never fully understood why people are so obsessed with their pets or how they can consider their pets to be their children. After getting my grey tabby, Harley Quinn, I completely understand. I love her so much like she was my own child. She is so sweet but has her moments when she can be a brat as well. I was contemplating getting another cat, but i found a new roommate who has a cat so I ended up with two cats anyways. Pets are truly a gift that should not be taken for granted.


Some of the goals I have yet to complete are, getting my Canadian G2 Licence, buying a new bed, launching my coaching business, launching Fabulously Independent Etsy Store and launching Champagne Desserts Etsy Store.

I took driving school, but did not feel 100% comfortable or confident to take the G2 driving test. I kind of put it off for the last couple of months but I am ready to go for it. I have decided to reach out to my old driving instructor for some additional lessons as well as to use is car for the test. I feel having this license and having access to a car will allow my businesses to grow.


This is a goal that is very important to me physically but also personally. I want to buy a new bed. Something around the double or queen size. I have a vision of a big comfy bed with a lot of pillows and comforters as well as throws. I love the faux fur look and I am so excited to start decorating my dream sleeping space. I love already have four large throw pillows and one faux fur blanket but am looking to purchase some throw pillow covers as well as new comforters. Here is where my vision:

Launching Fabulously Independent Coaching is probably the biggest and closest goal to me for 2018. This year I not only became a certified professional coach but became certified in the life and wellness niches. I am also in the process of becoming a certified master coach which is a huge success for me. I have been planning my coaching business for a while, even before I realized what I wanted to do was coaching other women. I have gotten amazing support from many people and I feel that I can complete the rest of my to do list and officially lost. I plan on having individual coaching, online courses, group coaching as well as to launch an apparel line.

My final goals for 2018 are to launch my Etsy Stores. As of December 3, 2018. I am officially opened for business. I realized that it is not perfect but the first step is putting it out there and making improvements as I go.

Champagne Desserts offers scone mason jar favours, hot chocolate mason jar favours with champagne marshmallows, as well as the option of champagne brownies or blondies.

The Fab & Indie Boutique offers rose and lavender sugar scrubs, rose & honey lip scrubs, shower melts and reed diffusers. Check us out and let me know what you think.




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