Every Woman Deserves Live A Fabulously Independent Lifestyle

Fabulously Independent

What does Fabulously Independent mean? It is the name of my business but it means so much more to me than that. One value that has been ingrained in me since childhood is INDEPENDENCE! A woman must always strive for independence, must always be able to take care of herself, support herself and not need anyone to help her survive. A woman must not depend on anyone and definitely not a man for the things she wants or needs in her life. I know of many independent women in my life but it is better come up with you own definition of independence and have a clear vision of what that looks like for you.

Independence can mean different things to different people. To me independence means;

  • being able to do things for yourself such as budgeting, grocery shopping and cooking
  • being responsible and intentional
  • making sacrifices to achieve goals and focus on the bigger picture
  • creating a lifestyle that is authentic to who you are and what you desire
  • being able to take care of yourself without relying on others
  • financial independence (not living pay check to pay check)
  • having self awareness and practicing self care & self love

What has become more important than just being independent is doing it with intention and being fabulous while gaining and earning that independence. My journey is different from yours and yours will be different from others. One thing that has always helped me whether is was in a great place financially or in the worst spot in personal life was doing things that make me feel and look fabulous. Whether you are feeling and looking fabulous should not be dependent on your finances, relationship status, free time or the people in your life. Its about self care & self love and making it work for the place you are in your life. Whether you are working a minimum wage job or have a high paying job should not make a difference in whether you are making time for self care.

Take the first step and define independence!!!

Fabulously Independent is all about helping women feeling unfulfilled, find their passion driven business idea by stepping into their confidence & removing excuses.

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