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Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Birthday To Me

Today is November 22 and it is my Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

I have turned 28 today and already i am feeling two ways about it. I am excited because I am working hard in my twenties to have my thirties kick ass and be amazing. I am also feeling sad as i planned to have party but my “friends” cannot make it. Hence my new plan.

Today I have work as well as both side hustles to work on, so today will be treated as every other day. Now Saturday is a whole other story. I plan on getting lots balloons, my favourite foods, some champagne cocktails, my pajamas and just hanging out by myself. I will be binge watching my favourite tv shows and movies and creating the best atmosphere to enjoy my day. I plan on making my birthday enjoyable alone but definitely not lonely.

When I think about what I want for my birthday, I realized i do not want to typical gifts of  clothes or to go out to dinner. Here is my Birthday Wish List;

Sales Page for Coaching Business

Over the past 6 months I have been procrastinating to not only launch my coaching business but also promote my business. I do not have a sales page, i have received help creating the page however, i do not have what i believe is a strong enough sale lead to create a sales page that will help me generate leads.

Mattress and Box Spring

I am fortunate enough that my roommate has allowed me to use her air mattress however, I am not trying to keep it for longer than is necessary. I have found more than one bed set on Facebook and Kijii but they have either fallen thru or the person is unavailable the day we have set up. All i want is a nice mattress and box spring to rest on and complete my room decor.

Help Creating Online Courses

I am interested in creating online courses as freebies as well as another stream of income. I believe i am over thinking the process and information needed but this would help generate leads and generate traffic to my website as well.

Email Marketing Email Series 

I understand than an email series is very important and needed for a business especially when you are trying to grow your email list and build your client base. I am a bit uncertain as to the format, content and frequency needed to be successful but not annoying or useless. I have tried for many months and my frustrations continue to grow.

Business Coaching Sessions 

I have been looking for a business coach however, I am not able to afford one at the moment. I have been lucky enough to meet fellow coaches willing to help me and provide guidance and opinions. I do want to hire a coach full time to help me take my businesses to the next level without wasting time, money and procrastinating.

A Mentor

I do understand that a Mentor would be a wonderful alternative to a business coach, however, I was not aware that you have to pay your mentors. I have tried looking for mentors  but they are either expensive or not in a related field to me and my businesses. If you know of anyone looking for a mentee or any mentorship programs please let me know.

Help Building Girl Gang

Since I decided to become a life and wellness coach, I have known that I want to build a girl gang. I believe community, support, inspiration and motivation are important to the journey we call life in all aspects. I want women to feel comfortable reaching  out for connections, help or products/ services from each other. As women we should be lifting one another up, helping one another and supporting each other. I have been having difficulty deciding on the structure of my girl gang and membership business. All help would be appreciated beyond words.

Vendor Opportunities for Champagne Desserts

Champagne Desserts, my bakery business, has been growing over the past few months and i am super excited for the future. I am looking for more vendor opportunities that align with my branding but also allows me to make sales, network and get my brand out to the public. I have noticed that either there are extremely high vendor rentals, which makes me uncertain as there is no guarantee you will make back that $100-1000. I  have also noticed there are not a lot of affordable events and i want to make sure i am making money and not losing money doing these events.

A Day with my Nieces

My nieces are the only people on the planet that can pull me out of any mood that I am in. Who wouldn’t want to spend time with little rays of sunshine. We can eat, watch tv, play, colour and just have fun.

Crystal Healing/ Reiki Sessions

I have become very interested in crystal healing, meditation, reiki and becoming one with myself. I have been looking for one of these experiences without success as of yet. I have heard so many amazing things and would this experience to be part of my journey to living my best life.

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