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How To Become The Woman You Want To Be

How To Become The Woman You Want To Be

We all strive to be the best woman we can be, live the best life and do amazing things in this world, but how many know how to become the woman you want to be? It is not a simple formula and every woman will not be doing the same things nor will they have the same experiences and that is okay. I believe that this is a long term journey and will change many times as you get older or have different life experiences.

The first step in becoming the woman you want to be is making the decision that you are not satisfied with who you are and want to change. There is nothing wrong wanting to improve yourself but there are important things to remember when you want to start making changes. Firstly, these changes should be made for you by you, do not let anyone nor social media influence into changing or copying someone else. Secondly, you must make a tangible written list about who you want to become. What does this woman look like? What are her hobbies? What is her job? Who are her friends? What is her career? What makes her happy? What does her ideal day look like? What are her values? What are her goals? The more specific you are in your description the easier it is to see what you are thinking and what needs tweaking.  Lastly, you have to be very forgiving to yourself. This is not going to be an easy journey, you may fall, quit, scream and even lose people in your life. But forgive yourself when you fall short or make mistakes. Understand that these changes may scare people in your life, some people will not understand this sort of leveling up and it is a reflection of them not you.

The second step is to understand the why. Why are you not satisfied? Why do you want to make these changes now? How will you feel when you become this woman? What is currently going on in your life? What life changes have you experienced? The why will help you decide on your action plan. Do you need to address the past? Is therapy needed to understand and move forward from past trauma? Do you need help creating a life vision for yourself? Do you need to work with a life coach or confidence coach to help you change the way you look at yourself and the experiences you have had. Once you know whether you need others to help you begin or you can do it on your own, its time to make your action plan.

Once you have decided who you want to become and what that looks like, its time to make an action plan to get you further to the woman you want to be. Try this exercise, grab a glass of wine, tea or coffee along with a pen and your list of what the woman you want to become looks like. Now for each point, write out every step needed to reach each goal goal. It doesn’t matter if the steps are small or big just write them all out. This list make look overwhelming  to you right now but get excited, this means you want more out of life as well as your brain is working and creating new strategies. Once you know the steps, organize the list with what is most important to you. What changes do you want to make immediately? What type of people do you need to speak with or introduce yourself to? What steps can you make as of today? These are important things to think about and important questions to ask yourself.

Now you the characteristics of the woman you want to be and an action plan. Now its time to go for it. The best way to stay focused on a goal is to have it in your face everywhere. Write out your characteristics and plans, then post them everywhere you will see them daily. Keep a copy in your phone, keep a copy in your planner, have them on post it notes everywhere in your home and at work. Create a audio message and listen to it n your way to and from work, at the gym or when you are exercising. Seeing it everywhere daily, will keep you focused but also remind you of why you are making these changes. Another suggestion I have is to create affirmations or mantras to remind yourself of who is woman is. Affirmations will help keep you focused or get you back on track should you fall. Again this is a process and will constantly change.

I am constantly working on becoming the woman i want to be. A couple of years ago, I wanted to be a mother and wife and was more family oriented with my goals, skills, ideal day as well as my values. During that time, I was in a relationship as well as around a lot of my friends who were having children and getting married. Currently, I am single and the woman I want to be looks very different now. I am more goal oriented, I am more focused on independence, happiness and inspiring others to live their best lives and be their best selves.

Leave a comment about your journey or any suggestions you have for other women who want to become the woman they want to be.

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