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Launching a Business on Instagram

Launching a Business on Instagram

This post is for all my entrepreneurs, bloggers and creatives. So you have decided you want to start a business, blog or brand but your funds are are tight or just not existent at the moment. I strongly believe that in order to start your business, blog or brand the only thing you need is a phone. I have personal experience launching my bakery business and starting my brand for free on Instagram . I have experience helping others get their social media accounts started and developing their business, blog and brand. This is not going to be a fast nor easy process but is the first step in your entrepreneurial journey.

Before you decide to sign up on Instagram and create a profile, there is a lot of thinking and planning that must be done. The first steps when starting a business is deciding on the business name, business email, product/ service and ideal client/ customers. The second important step involves branding. Branding includes: logo, logo variations, colour palettes, font and patterns/ backgrounds. However I would recommend that having the logo, colour palette, fonts and patters/ backgrounds should be your main focus in the beginning. The third step before signing up on Instagram, is to go onto Instagram and find inspiration from other instagram profiles. Pay attention to their content, layout, colour schemes, hashtags and captions.

Once you have your branding, business name, business email, product/ service and inspiration, it is time to sign up for an Instagram business account. Here is the step by step process:

  • Create a username (Business Name)
  • Go to setting and change account to a business account
  • Add a profile picture (Logo)
  • Add a bio (Description of business, blog or brand)
  • Add business and/or blog website
  • Find people to follow
  • Add full name (Easy To Be Found Online)
  • Connect to twitter
  • Connect to Facebook Page (Create one if you do not have one)

The benefits of a business Instagram profile versus a personal profile is that you are able to connect Instagram to your Facebook Page, as well as you are able to get information such as web clicks, profile visits, reach and much more necessary information for your business. The business profile allows people to contact you via different methods and create promotions for your posts.

Once these steps are done it is time to start posting. This is where you are going to decide on your content layout and your posting frequency.

Here are my top tips for using Instagram to launch your business, brand and/ or blog.

  • Create your own personal hashtag
  • Use Hashtags
  • Tag others
  • Use Linktr.ee to connect your websites and other social media profiles
  • Create social media follow trains in Facebook Groups
  • Remember followers do not equal customers (Do Not Focus On The Number)
  • Consistency is Key
  • Link Instagram to your website and other social media platforms
  • Connect with your followers (follow, like and comment)

It is never to late to start your business slowly and free of charge. This is hard work and takes time to grown your audience. I would suggest looking into online training and webinars on growing your business through social media, algorithms and understanding social media platforms.

Ladies, lets get these Instagram profiles up and take the first step in starting your business, blog or brand today.

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