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Moving Once Again: Apartment Hunting

Moving Once Again: Apartment Hunting

Sadly, I am back hunting for an apartment, and I am not thrilled about it. In 2018, I moved out of my ex’s places, moved out after having a cray landlord and finally again out of my place with my ex again (lol I know.) I am currently living with a roommate and I hate it. I understand that renting a room or having a roommate is a cheaper, more affordable but it is extremely stressful, and I consider it to be more work than living on your own. I want to have my own space, clean up after my own cat, clean up after just myself and be 100% responsible for all my own bills. I thought meeting this new roommate, that it would be the best option for me financially and that I would be able to get settled, save but it is not turning out that way. Someone said to me the other day, “No one is forcing you to do anything.” After hearing this I realized I cannot bitch about my situation or frustrations if I can make changes.

As of February 1, I have decided to move for April 1. This has given me 60 days to find an apartment. Now to people living in The Greater Toronto Area this may seem crazy as the housing market is probably at the worst it has been for a very long time. However, I know myself and I work better under pressure.

The first thing I realized was I need to generate more income, so I went and got another job. Generating more income means, I able provide proof of income from more than one employer as well as helps me since I must admit I have really bad credit right now. I am lucky enough that this week I had 2 apartment viewing and I am getting my ducks in row. I am tired of moving so this time I have created a list of must haves and negotiables. I realize that with my credit and where I live a basement apartment or house is my only option and being realistic is the best way to ensure that I find a place before my deadline

My Must Haves

  • At least one window
  • Full kitchen
  • Separate entrance
  • Laundry included
  • Utilities included
  • Parking availability
  • Space For BBQ

My Negotiables

  • Shower vs Bathtub
  • Walk Out Vs Basement Vs House
  • Use of Backyard
  • Bright Lights
  • 2 bedrooms
  • Storage space
  • Stairs Vs Elevator

I will keep you all updated on my apartment hunting journey. I cannot wait to share photos of my new place.

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