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My 2019 Goals

My 2019 Goals

Happy New Year

I hope you all have had an amazing and relaxing holiday season.

We are 4 days into 2019 and it is time to set intentions, create goals, make an action plan and KICK ASS!!!!!

Fall In Love With Myself

Over the holiday season, I was able to do a lot of thinking, reflecting, reading and learning and I am extremely excited for this year. I have come to the conclusion that I need to fall i love with myself all over again. I have not been treating myself the best emotionally, physically or mentally and therefore I cannot expect someone else to treat me better than i am treating my self. After making a conscious effort to be aware of my thoughts and how i speak to myself, i was saddened to realize how demeaning, hurtful and hard I am on myself.

I will be making changed not only on how i speak and treat myself but also on how I think and view myself. I realize that i put myself last and other before me but then am resentful or hurt later on down the line. I do not want to be a selfish or jaded person but I have to fill my soul, treat myself with kindness and love me before I cannot ask or expect that for any one.

Tasting Party For Champagne Desserts

This is a very important goal to me as well as one goal that will help me achieve my other goals.

I launched Champagne Desserts in 2017 and I am excited and proud of the success we have had for 2018. For this year, I plan on having my brand reach a larger audience, attend more events and market myself more in the wedding and bridal market. I am excited to be partnering with other businesses to host this event.

I am hoping this event will introduce more potential customers to my company as well as get my name out to more people all over the Greater Toronto Area.

Debt Repayment Plan

I have been running away from my debt issues for months and 2019 is the year I will dive into this problem head on. As  much as i would love to pay off all my debt and be debt free, that is not a realistic goal at this moment. Therefore the next best thing is to create an implement a debt repayment plan, where i will have set up regular payments to pay down my debt.

I have goals of purchasing a house, improving my credit and having financial freedom but these are not possible until I am paying off my debt, create a savings plan and stick to my budget.

My Own Apartment

I am starting out 2019 very differently than I did last year. i am currently sharing an apartment with a roommate and as much as it has been good as well was a life saver, I am not happy.

After doing some soul searching, being 100% honest with myself as well as speaking with who know me pretty well, I have come to the conclusion that I need my own place. I am at the point in my life where I want to be 100% responsible for myself and my kitten. I enjoy the responsibility and hard work of living on my own and to honest, some of my happiest moments were living on my own and being alone.

I am looking for an apartment with my own space. I know it will not be easy but will be totally worth it for my mental health, my soul and i will be living authentically.

This year I want to be be alone but not lonely.

Make This My Healthiest Year

As a certified wellness coach, I know about the importance of vitamins, supplements, nutrition, diet & exercise but I have not been intentionally practicing these habits and this is the year for these changes.

I am not happy with my body, therefore my only option is to change it. I eat pretty healthy, however i do have problem areas when it comes to food such as portion control and sugar. I have been brainstorming ideas and hacks to help me develop new eating habits.

Some of the biggest lifestyle changes I will be making this year are:

  • To Quit Smoking
  • Drink More Water
  • Daily Stretching & Exercise
  • Eat Regular Meals
  • Meal Planning and Meal Prep

My physical health is important but so is my mental health. This will be a major focus in 2019 because once your mental health is in order and you changes to your inset, you are able to be more productive, have a positive vibe but also more centered altogether. I will meditating a lot more and making it a daily practice.

Double My Monthly Income

This goal is very important and the one I have been working on for a very long time. I have multiple different income streams but they are not generating the income i want therefore I have had to go out and get a job.

I enjoy my job but I have put too many hours, too much money and effort into these income streams for them not to generating the income i need to cover my monthly expenses. In order for me to achieve this goal, I am going to need help and I am already reaching out and trying to find a business coach to help me achieve all my business goals and generate my ideal income.


I will still be working on my other smaller goals such as getting my driver licence, going on a small trip, buying a car and growing my network and community.

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