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My Relationship with Health & Fitness

My Relationship with Health & Fitness

Last year i became a certified wellness coach and it was on of the best decisions I have ever made. I have learned so many things about the body, nutrition and healthy ingredients. It helped me realize that health and nutrition is not only about diet but also about knowing about nutrition. vitamins, supplements and a healthy lifestyle. My health and fitness journey has become a conscious decision for me since November 2018 however i want this to be more than a journey but a lifestyle change. I recently read The Champagne Diet by Cara Alwill Leyba and it helped shift my mindset in regards to my body, fitness, health and the way i view these things.  Some of these lifestyle changes include upgrading my eating habits, create new healthier habits such as exercise, drinking water and taking vitamins & supplements as well as treating my mind and body with the utmost respect. The biggest take away from reading The Champagne Diet was that I have not been treating my body and mind with the utmost respect and once I realized this, it automatically started changing the way  I ate, the foods I ate, the ingredients I put in and on my own body as well.

My reasons for intentionally making a lifestyle change has many reasons but in the end this is for me and only me. My top 5 reasons are doing more to live my best life, not happy about the way I look or feel about my body, want to fall in my body at any size and finally to feel better physically, gain stamina & be more flexible.  The biggest and most important reason is wanting to fall in love with my body at any size.  One thing I realized and have to come to understand is that as women our body changes for many reasons and sometime if not most times it is not in our control. What I believe society and women in general need to understand is that people come in all different sizes, diet & exercise are not the only contributing factors to weight gain and more not always the only solutions as well. There are medical conditions that cause weight gain and weight loss, yet as a society we judge the outside without asking questions or wanting to understand. Over the past few years, social media and the media have become extremely influential and detrimental to self confidence, self esteem and mental health.

Personally for me, I was born premature so I was always small an skinny. I remember being slim, tiny and having no womanly curves until the age of 13. I felt behind all the other girls as they already were growing breasts, hips & ass as well as they already had their menstrual cycle. During the ages of 14, 15 and 16 ,  I gained a lot of weight, my breasts kept on rapidly growing, my hips spread and I grew an amazing ass. I had wanted this yet I was very uncomfortable in my body, abhorred the attention  and I refused to show it off in fitted clothes. I got what I wanted but realized it was more than  could handle in such a short period of time. I was lucky enough that my family and friends help me see that I need to accept and learn to appreciate my womanly body. Once I embraced my new body, I started dressing differently, acting differently and holding my head up a bit higher, however there were changes in other aspects of my life I was not 100% ready for. Once I gained 36 DD breasts by the age of 15, I could not longer play the sports I enjoyed such as basketball, I could longer run track and I could no longer wear certain clothes without looking overly sexual, like an adult or gain unwanted attention from others. I had to make certain changed and give up certain things but I still loved my body. I was around 115 -125 pounds, I had a flat stomach, round hip and an amazing ass. I was able to maintain my weight and body shape from 13-15. Around 16, I started gain more weight as I was no longer playing sports, I was eating a lot more and not nearly as active as I was two years prior. It was hard on my mentally, emotionally and physically, I can say I developed an eating disorder but luckily with help was able to overcome those obstacles.  Sadly in grade 9 I started developing unhealthy habits such as smoking & drinking as well as constantly eating out and ordering food. I was packing on weight and reached 150 pounds. During the summer going into grade 12, I made the conscious effort to make changes and started exercising. I went swimming twice a day every day for 2 months and it was amazing. I quit smoking and drinking, was eating healthier and making better eating decisions when I did go out to eat or order food. I lost a total of 30 pounds and felt like my old younger, hotter and more confident me and I was happy.

Around the age of 17, I was in my first year in university and to say I was not prepared was an understatement. The stress of school and trying to navigate this world was very stressful and I fell back in to smoking and not exercising. I got really sick my first year of university and my body changed drastically. I found out i have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and it was devastating. PCOS had changed my body physically and changed me mentally. One thing I have learned and a secret I want to share to men is, women are just as confused about their hormones as you are. Hormones are serious can truly change a person physically, mentally and emotionally.

The lifestyle changes I will intentionally be making this year are:

  1. Quit Smoking
  2. Quit eating sugar
  3. Eat More Vegetables
  4. Exercise Daily
  5. Make Healthier Eating Choices
  6. Love My Body at Its Current Weight
  7. Drink More Water
  8. Eat Regular Meals

I believe that making these changes and creating these habits will allow me to live my life happier with myself, allow me to love my body at any size as well as live my best life authentically. I plan on making these changed by trying different exercises and activities until I find the one that suits my abilities and interest the best as well as I plan on using Pinterest for meal ideas. Interestingly enough, over the past 2 months I have lost 18 pounds without truly trying. I have been talking about getting healthier, eating healthier and loving my body. I have made small changes such as cutting out sugar, walking more and dumped all the unhealthy food out of my house. To me I have seen changes in how I feel, how my clothes fit as well as what my body looks like and this has given me even more confidence to continue making lifestyle changes and living my best life.

I will keep all of you updated on my progress with the good, the bad, the ugly and the honest. Check out my progress on Facebook and Instagram. Just remember to love yourself and your body at all shapes and sizes.

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