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Saying Yes More Often: My Trip To Blue Mountain

Saying Yes More Often: My Trip To Blue Mountain

I started reading a book by Shonda Rhimes called ” The Year of Yes” about 2 months ago. When i first grabbed this book, I assumed it was about saying yes to everything and doing more in life. After getting through about the first 2 chapters I started getting very excited. I never thought of how many missed opportunities and experiences I have missed out on because of saying no for numerous reasons. I have tried to implement saying yes into my life since then, however I found myself making the conscious effort to say yes this year when it came time to celebrate my birthday. This year, i was invited to spend my birthday weekend at Blue Mountain with some old friends for another friends’ birthday. After making numerous excuses for why i could not come, i was lucky enough that the opportunity presented itself for me to go. So  I said YES!!!!

Getting to Blue Mountain and being able to spend time with friends I have not seen or hung out with for the past 4 years was amazing. I was able to surprise the birthday girl with my presence, and that to me was one of the best heartwarming moments on this trip.  During the drive, which took about 2 hours we had to make an emergency stop for food as we were extremely hungry and picky about what we actually wanted to eat. Over the course of the weekend, changed into our onesies, had all meals together a a group, went for a nature walk, went clubbing and played drinking game together. We had amazing food such as homemade fried dumplings, oxtail, roti, bacon & eggs as well healthy snacks such as fruit, veggies and lots of water. I loved all of us wearing our onesies, being comfortable, having fun and hanging out together.

I actually got a huge surprise myself, my friend bought me a fruit topped cheesecake and sang me happy birthday. I was not expecting that nor was was really thinking about my birthday at this point but was over the moon and very appreciative.

The chalet we stayed in as well was amazing, Not only did i get to keep to my birthday goal this year of actually celebrating my birthday and doing something but fun but I also was able to tick staying in a chalet off my bucket list. It was so beautiful, comfortable and the perfect place to come and relax with friends, family or that special person in your life. The chalet has amenities such as a balcony with a barbecue, a patio with a  fire pit and muskoka chairs, a huge living room with a fireplace and many rooms with 2 bathrooms. We did not get to go skiing this time as there was not enough snow on the ground for the slopes and ski club to be open just yet.

Now that I reflect on this trip, I cannot be happier that I said yes and went. I had one of the best times this year, with old friends I have not seen in 4 plus years, I made new friends and I was able to celebrate my birthday and my friends’ birthdays together ( which we have wanted to do for many years but the timing was always off). I would recommend going to Blue Mountain to anyone who wants to try something new and have a mini vacation especially in the winter months. I actually plan on going back hopefully in February 2019 as there should be more snow to be able to go skiing. There are also may other activities I want to try when i go back such as horseback riding.

This being said, I now have confirmation of how saying yes will open you to new experiences and create new relationships and have made it an intention that i will be saying yes more. I want to get outside of my comfort zone, experience new things, meet new people and find the many passions in life. Think about what and who you can be saying yes to more often and go for it.

Make a conscious effort to say yes to events and experiences. Get out your comfort zone and life your best life.


Leave a comment with what you will say yes to more often in 2019!

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