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Valentine’s Day 2019

Valentine’s Day 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day to every woman today. I have decided to approach Valentine’s 2019 differently and already my day has started off wonderfully. This year Valentine’s day is about me. Its about loving myself, treating myself and spoiling myself. Whether you are single, married or in a relationship, your plans should not revolve around your relationship status or other people. Its time we as women start celebrating ourselves, not being validated by your relationship statius nor embarrassed by it.

Since Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday, I will not be doing my celebratory activities until the weekend however plans are being formulated every day. The main categories to cover are:

1. Food & Drinks

2. Decor

3. Activies

4. Guest

5. Theme

6. Outfit

Luckily in Ontario, Monday is Family and a holidays so I have decided to make my celebrations a weekend long affair. I am newly single but I can say that no matter my relationship status I have always made my Valentine’s Day plans alone. This year my different approach has be excited about doing things for myself not out of necessity but a want.

After work on Friday, I plan on going to Party City and the mall to buy decorations for my room. The colour scheme will be rose gold, pink and purple. I will be buying balloons, streamers, string lights, candles, essential oils, flowers and desserts. Starting Friday night, I plan on doing all my cleaning, laundry and household tasks. This will free up my time for the rest of the weekend as well as always me to complete grocery shopping without the cleaning beforehand. I am working Saturday so, Friday night after cleaning it is just reading and relaxing. After work Saturday, it is a easy night of at home pampering and movie night. I do not plan on watching romantic comedies but inspiring movies about strong independent women. I plan on making a simple dinner and enjoy some yummy desserts. Sunday is when the fun really begins. Early in the morning I will be going to the grocey store to pick up my menu items for my feasts.

Lunch Menu Includes:

– assorted deli meats & cheeses

– dried fruits

– nuts

– honey

– wine

– micro greens

Dinner Menu Includes:

– lobster tails

– steak

– jerk shrimp and pineapple

– sweet potato mash

– brussel sprouts with onions & bacon

– cesear salad with bacon bits and shaved parmasean cheese

– champagne

Once grocery shopping is done, its time to start prepping my grill as i will be grilling my lobster tails, shrimp and steak. Then its lunch time, a nice quiet meal alone, by candlelight and watching a movie then taking a nap. After nap time, I will spread out my rose petals, put on an outfit that makes me feel like a million bucks and relax. I will work on my blog, coaching business and social media planning for the following week. Monday as of right is wide open. I have no plans other than relaxing, getting ready for the upcoming week.

This weekend to me is about feeling strong, independent, fabulous, sexy and bossing up. To be honest nothing makes me feel sexier, strong and more independent than working on my goals, treating myself and adding small luxuries to your life.

How will you spending your Valentine’s Day or weekend??

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