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Welcome To The Fabulously Independent Blog

Welcome To The Fabulously Independent Blog


Hi welcome to the Fabulously Independent Blog. I am Nicole Palmer, a 27 year old from Toronto, Canada. This blog is meant to inspire, motivate and educate entrepreneurs, creatives, bloggers and just every woman seeking a fabulously independent lifestyle. This blog will give you advice on business, self care, personal development, business & entrepreneurship, health & wellness and much more. Expect nothing less than real conversations, honesty, girl power, women empowerment and positivity.

Let me introduce myself, I am a certified Life & Wellness Master Coach and this podcast is an extension of my coaching business, Fabulously Independent. I am passionate about empowering women and I believe in living a happy, independent, authentic & extraordinary life. I have a pet cat named Harley Quinn aka Quinzel and enjoying reading, watching movies, going out to eat and expanding my knowledge. I am 5’3 but I have a huge personality. One fun fact about myself is that I read on average 1 book (minimum 150 pages) every day. I actually have read a 9 book series in 3 days without sleeping because I was so hooked.

Before becoming a certified Life & Wellness Master Coach, I worked in a multitude of industries such as finance, retail and hospitality. From a young age I was always looking for a side hustle or to start my own business but after losing my last job, I finally decided to work on my side hustles full time and turn them into businesses for myself. Since I have become a certified Life & Wellness Master Coach thru World Coach Institute, I have learned so much about myself and see my own personal growth and I felt it was time to share this with the world. I have gained self awareness and I have experienced changes in my mindset as well as my attitude to my future and my goals.

I am also the owner of an online bakery business, Champagne Desserts. I create alcoholic and non-alcoholic treats such as cupcakes, donuts, cakes and gummy bears. Cooking, baking & event planning have been passions of mine since a very young age and after a long time I decided to turn it into a business. In high school, I was the friend who baked cakes and planned parties for my friends and close family. I have been cooking and baking since around the age of 7 and my passion and skills have only grown and continue to grow. I have experience planning baby showers, birthday parties, garage sales, fundraisers & just parties just for fun. I also have catered and baked for events such as business launches, birthday parties, baby showers, holiday dinners/ parties, meetings & dinner parties.

At Champagne Desserts, all desserts have a champagne flavor combination however we do make custom orders as well. My vision with Champagne Desserts is to provide delicious, fun and luxurious desserts to parties, birthdays and events all around. This summer I introduced a new flavor, Lemon Champagne & I was surprised how much of a hit it was. I believe that a party without champagne or cupcakes is simply just a meeting!! Over the next few months I have plans to include catering services as well as sweet table options.

I will be honest, this is a work in progress and I am a work in progress as well. I understand that this journey will not be easy and I can not expect it to be as it did not take overnight for me to be in the situation that I am in now. However, with determination, motivation, inspiration and drive I will achieve all my goals and I will succeed.

The best thing one can do is keep their eye on the prize, remember all the sacrifices were done for a bigger picture and everything will be worth it when you are where you have wanted to be. What are your goals for 2018/ 2019? How do you plan on achieving you goals??

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