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What Does Success Mean To You?

What Does Success Mean To You?

Everyone wants to be successful in life but what does that truly mean? The official definition of success is the achievement of something that you have been trying to do. But what does that look like for you. What does success mean to you? The first think when trying to achieve success is to understand what that means and what that looks like for you. Who is successful to you? Why are they successful? These are questions to ask yourself when creating a vision, goals and an action plan.

I learned how important it is have a clear and definitive definition of success. Thanks to Cara Alwill Leyba’s Style Your Mind workbook, I was able to create my own definition of success. What I also learned was that my I thought was success was defined for me by others from a very young age. Up until about 2 years ago, I thought success meant going to university, getting a good job, finding a man and then having children. Thankfully, that definition has changed and I have created my own view on success. Right now, success means being happy, having financial freedom, owning my own business, motivating and inspiring women to live their best lives & achieve their goals.

Success is important to me because it is sign of independence. Independence is extremely important to be. Growing up as a child, I was raised by a single mother and one value that was instilled in me was independence. I want to be able to afford the things I want, live authentically and be happy. I strongly believe that all women can live a fabulously independent lifestyle and be their best selves. I recently lost my independence in my past relationship and I have vowed to never to lose that independence again.

I know that success takes hard work, determination and will not come fast or easy. I have no problem with that because to me it will make the success that much more important and satisfying. It will take time and that is probably the number one thing I would to express. Due to social media, we are only seeing others successes and not the hard work or time that has gone into becoming successful.

 Why it is important to create your own definition?

It is important to create you own definition because it becomes personal to you. You remove the option to blame others for how you view your successes and failures. It makes you more accountable for your actions as well as it allows you to constantly make changes to your definition.

I have an exercise for you. Take a pen & paper, write out what success means to you, why it is important to you and then work towards to achieving that success.

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