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Whats New With Me

Whats New With Me

Hello Everyone. I know it has been a while since I have posted but so much has been going on and I cannot wait to share. So after months of apartment hunting, I have finally moved into my own place!!!! There have been many ups and downs with places falling thru 5 days before the end of the month, to living wth an old coworker (horrible idea, never again). I am looking my best, working on businesses and rebuilding my relationships with friends.

Thankfully, I met a wonderful landlord and was able to move in shortly after. I have my own space again and I could not be happier. Having our own space is very important to not only your mental health but also to your creativity and day to day living. I went from not feeling comfortable sleeping in my home, not leaving my room unless I am going to the washroom or leaving the apartment as a whole. I have finished unpacking but have decorating to do. This weekend I will be making a motivation wall as well as meditiation center.  I am so happy to come home to peace, my own space and bright lights. With the weather getting warmer, I am looking forward to having bbqs, relaxing in the back and enjoying the quiet neighborhood.

I am also working a job that I absolutly love. I work with books all day and it a wonderful feeling not to hate your job. I have realized that until my business is generating the income I need, I will have to work. It doesnt mean, however that I have to hate my job or be miserable every day. I am making a conscious, intentional effort to be happy and if something isnt making me happy I am making changes.  My job provides me with the income to support myself, grow my business and the early enough hours to work a couple of hours a day. I have access to amazing resource books, seeing what is new and what is already out there for the public.

I have been working with a business coach for the last 4 weeks and it has been a very interesting experience. I have learned a lot of about myself, I have been able to rethink what I want for my business, where I want my business to go and have been able to get back to my passions. So many changes an things are coming for Fabulously Independent and I cannot wait to share the good news. She has given some really great tips and advice on way I can be more successful and what has been stopping me from where I want to be. The biggest things being fear. I realized that I have no launched my coaching business or really mentioned in on social media is fear of judgement and fear of failure. I have been comparing myself and my business to others and that has left me in a place of fear and stuck in limbo. I have decided to stop comparing myself to others and just go from it.

My focus these last couple of weeks has been living more intentional, making more intentional decisions and being happier. My friends and brother have been amazing with supporting me thru my tough times and helping me when I have needed it. Seeing this has forced me to understand that my friends are in different stages in life with husbands and kids, but we can still have fun and do certain things. I have made more of an effort to see my friends and their kids, contact people I have not heard from as well as just listening to my friends and what is going on with them. There is nothing better than hanging out with you old girlfriends.

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